Made the Globe and Mail!

Did this piece in record time for the Globe's opinion section. It illustrates an in depth article by Michael Coren on the struggles facing progressive christianity. Thanks to Bryan Gee at the Globe for the opportunity.


AGOG hits the big time!

We made the front page! (left to right) John Highley, Teresa Seaton, Siobhan Lynch, Me, Joe Speck. Proud to be a part of this talented and supportive group of glass artists.

AGOG on front page of the POST.jpg

Another crop of Glass Painters

So privileged to help get these talented glass artists started in traditional glass painting.

Many thanks to the folks at Fantasy in Glass in Etobicoke, Canada's greatest stained glass and fusing supplier. There'll be more classes coming- check their website 


the studio

Old boxes filled with special pigments and brushes. Coloured glass catching dust until it's fashioned into something.